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The purpose of this network is to bring together educators, healthcare leaders, workforce, and community-based organizations that can work together to coordinate and align educational program offerings to students and adults that connect with well-paying healthcare jobs, which are in high demand in our region. The network is bringing several county level initiatives into better coordination and alignment with a goal of increasing enrollments and success rates.

Healthcare Career Navigation Strategies

There are key strategies the EcO Healthcare Network has identified as “catalytic” in nature, serving the network in both the short, and long-term as it works to recruit and develop students prepared for the high-demand and well-paying jobs within the healthcare sector.


One of the key strategies includes the addition of the accelerated BSN program at IUPUC.

The bachelor’s in nursing (BSN) accelerated program is designed for adults with previous non-nursing degrees.The BSN can be obtained in 12-18 months.This program required the funding of an additional faculty for the first year and IUPUC has agreed to fund the program after that time. Whereas, a traditional BSN program or the ITCC ASN to IUPUC BSN program turns out nurses every 3-5 years, this program can turn out 10 to 20 quality BSNs every year to help meet the 18,000 additional nurses needed in Indiana by 2020 (ICN, 2015). By training them locally, they are highly likely to enter the local workforce. The Accelerated BSN program was formally launched in May, 2016 and 9 of the 10 open program slots were filled immediately.

Regional Healthcare Guiding Team Members

David AshbaughSilver Oaks, Executive Director
Tina BedeyColumbus Regional Health, Workforce Planning Specialist
Elaine CampbellTrilogy Health Services, Area Recruiter
Kathy CovertSchneck Medical Center, VP of Workforce & Organizational Development
Kay GordayC4 Health Sciences, Nursing Instructor
Summer HallTriology Health Services, Human Resources
Jeff Hartz*East Indiana Area Health Education Center, Executive Director
Jenny KoorsEast Indiana Area Health Education Center, Academic Outreach Coordinator
Kathy Oren*Community Education Coalition/EcO Network, Executive Director
Tammie PhillipsDecatur County Memorial, Staff Development Coordinator
Christina RossIvy Tech Community College, Interim Dean Health Sciences/Dental Program Chair
Lisa ScriptureMargaret May Health, Human Resources
Beth SharerIUPUC, Head, Division of Nursing & Clinical Assistant Professor
Carrie ShaverIUPUC, Director, Regional Healthcare Pipeline
Jennifer SteinwedelC4 Health Sciences, Nursing Instructor
Janet ToddIvy Tech Community College, Assistant Professor and Dean, Division of Nursing
Julie WarrenSchneck Medical Center, Director Human Resources