Who We Are

Who We Are2018-08-17T07:56:24-04:00

The mission of EcO is to create a regional system of life-long learning connecting the residents of ten counties within rural Southeast Indiana to better economic opportunities through education by the year 2015 and beyond.

The EcO Network is the largest initiative of the Community Education Coalition encompassing the Southeast Indiana Economic Growth Region (EGR) 9.

EcO has three strategic goals:

  1. Move residents up at least one level in their education, training, and/or job placement,
  2. Coordinate and align a regional learning system, and
  3. Be a catalyst for regional leadership & collaboration.

The stakeholders involved in EcO to-date include education, community foundation, industry (including more than one hundred manufacturers and all seven hospitals), workforce, government, and community leaders from the region.

EcO Network Regional Guiding Team

In order to coordinate and align the Advanced Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Attainment Networks, an EcO Regional Guiding Team is in place. The EcO Regional Guiding Team is a small group representing the diverse stakeholders from the public, private and social sectors. Its membership principally consists of representatives from the region’s three networks and representatives from the partnership organizations.

This Regional Guiding Team is responsible for supporting the overarching goals of the entire network and the three networks that are tasked with improving their respective portion of the learning system. The guiding team is also responsible for ensuring that the education attainment network is coordinated and aligned with the work of the economic cluster networks to create greater economic opportunity for the region.

The guiding team and the initial three networks created to conduct work in the region share responsibility for a set of services including the following: strategic alignment (common agenda), continuous communication (regular meetings), data coordination, leveraged resource development, shared infrastructure, network coordination, advocacy and policy, and partnership development.

The Regional Guiding Team has also accepted responsibility to coordinate the EcO Network and its work with state-level initiatives and resources.