EcO IT Network Awarded EWIN Planning Grant

EWIN Grant awarded

This fall, the Information Technology (IT) EcO Network was awarded a $9000 EWIN planning grant from the University of Indianapolis’ Center of Excellence in Learning of Leadership (CELL), Education Workforce Innovative Network (EWIN) office.  The project launched on October 31st, with the following objective: Make it easy for employers and local high school and college students to engage in Information Technology experiential learning together.

The team includes the following members:


Mike King & Pamela Tartt – LHP,

Jane Richardson & Beth Schroeder  – Cummins,
Matthew Wiegman – Omega, Russell Soots – CRH


Brenny Kummer – BCSC,
Deb Gaff – Hauser/FRHC,
Whitney Ramer & Dmitri Gusev – Purdue Polytechnic
Pam Schmelz – Ivy Tech, Sally Jamerson – IUPUC


Sarah Brichto – Switzerland Co.,
Usha Raghavan – Parent & technical professional in Barth Co.,
Rhonda Fischer – CEC / EcO Network

IT EcO Network Guiding Team

In late Spring of 2019, several EcO Network partners began to meet and discuss how we might work collaboratively to increase regional excitement in gaining Information Technology skills aligned with workforce needs.  Every industry sector and our personal lives are impacted by technology.  The group wanted to ensure that the education and workforce system in Southeastern Indiana not only keeps up with but excels in developing the skills needed to support the rapidly changing technology.  The team began learning about the many regional collaborative education programs and initiatives in place in Southeast Indiana that support the development of IT skills aligned with workforce needs.

When the IT EcO Network partners learned of the EWIN planning grant opportunity, they realized they had a great team of employers, educators and community partners in a state of readiness to respond to this wonderful grant opportunity in support of their shared goals.

Learning Opportunities for Region

The EWIN grant will provide the team the opportunity to travel and learn from other regions within Indiana as well as in other states.  Seeing first-hand how other regions are successfully engaging employers and students in experiential learning will enable the IT EcO Network to bring that knowledge back to our region, leveraging our relationships.  Additionally, the planning grant includes technical support training from EWIN which helps our team become stronger together.  We are grateful for this new partnership with EWIN and have a vision of leveraging this opportunity into becoming the leader in information technology talent development through motivating Southeastern Indiana employers, educators, and students to grow skills through collaboration.