EcO Network partners investing in Information Technology

Use of technology is pervasive in our daily lives and increasing.  Southern Indiana has untapped potential for people of all ages to expand and deepen their computer and information knowledge.  Broadband and Internet access is growing, opening up new opportunities for rural Indiana to connect with and interact through information technology (IT).

EcO Network partners are stepping up to increase our region’s IT capabilities.

 EcO Network Grant expanding IT education

Four Ivy Tech Community College campuses in Southeastern Indiana are expanding their IT education and work-based learning opportunities through a grant awarded to the EcO Network of Southeast Indiana by Strada Education Network.

Ivy Tech Columbus Campus is doubling their Cyber Security enrollment capacity at Muscatatuck Urban Training Center.  Expansion funding ensures a growing number of students will gain the experiences needed to be successful in the constantly changing world of computer security.

The Ivy Tech Madison Campus plans to implement an Associate Accelerated Program (ASAP) in the fall of 2019 that allows high school graduates to earn an associate degree in just 11 months related to this high demand field.  The program will provide paid internships and would prioritize students that the U.S. Department of Education defined as high need which includes students that live in poverty, perform below their grade level, have been incarcerated, have disabilities, or are English learners.  A dedicated program mentor will provide wraparound services and retention counseling.

Ivy Tech Lawrenceburg Campus will expand the Software Developer Technical Certificate (TC) Pathway, providing dual credit opportunities to high school students, with paid internships, for students attending Lawrenceburg High School, South Dearborn High School, Rising Sun High School, and East Central High School.

Ivy Tech Batesville, a site of the Lawrenceburg Campus, Campus will expand the IT Helpdesk Technical Certificate (TC) Pathway providing dual credit opportunities to high school students, with paid internships, for students attending Batesville High School, Milan High School, Jac-Cen-Del High School, South Ripley High School, East Central High School.

 Michael King providing industry leadership to EcO IT Network

In addition to funding Information Technology education expansion, EcO Network is restarting the EcO IT Network.  An EcO IT Network Guiding Team is being assembled with IT employers, professionals and educators in secondary and post-secondary institutions.  Michael King, President of LHP Data Analytics & IoT Solutions, will be the Convener of the cross-community and cross-region team, with Facilitator support from the EcO Network.  Sally Jamerson, Sarah Brichto and Rhonda Fischer participated in the CivicLab Stakeholder Engagement Training at the end March with other community project participants.

One of the outputs from the training was a guiding question to take to the larger team as a starting point, “How could we work together to leverage regional relationships to inspire interest in gaining the IT skills needed for high paying, in-demand jobs.”    

We’ll keep you posted as the team gets its footing and begins to move forward.  Please contact Rhonda Fischer ( if you want to be involved.