Exploring options: Community Education Coalition hosts ‘Es Posible’

The Republic

A Columbus Education Coalition Latino Education Group encouraged young Latino students at a recent conference to follow their dreams and to believe that anything “es posible,” including attending college.

The conference, called “Es Posible,” which translates to “it is possible” in English, was held at the Columbus Learning Center, 4555 Central Ave., on Friday. The event sought to show Latino students the benefits of obtaining a post-secondary education and what career paths are available to them in the community. More than 200 students attended the conference.

The idea is that the students get motivated so that they can go to college,” said Luz Elena Michel, Latino education and outreach program manager at Community Education Coalition. “The name of the of the conference is “Es Posible,” which means “It is possible.” After they finish today, we hope they feel, ‘Yes, I can do it. I can do whatever I want.’ And then they need to start thinking about what is next.”

The conference targeted seventh to 10th grade students, because this age group of students is at a critical time to begin thinking about post-secondary education.

“The idea is that they start preparing themselves, starting right now,” Michel said. “They don’t need to wait to be a senior to start thinking about college. It is something they can do right now.”

During the conference, the students participated in several workshops on topics ranging from how to use bilingual skills to succeed professionally, to how to study effectively and plan for college.

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