High School Senior Completes Two C4 Pathways

A Columbus North High School senior who is preparing for medical school is believed to be the only high school student in the state ever to complete scientific pathways for biomedical science and engineering at the same time.

North student Hussain Saifuddin has been enrolled in the two pathways offered through the C4 program since his freshman year.

He received an award of excellence from the Indiana Department of Education earlier this month for completing the pathways, said Gene Hack, C4 director. Both pathways are considered to be academically rigorous, he said.

“Hussain’s a great example of a student that takes control of their pathways,” Hack said. “He’s a great all-around person.”

Pairing the programs and completing them at the same time was something that Saifuddin considered during his first year of high school.

“Freshman year, I didn’t know what I wanted to do,” Saifuddin said. “I already knew I liked math and science, so I knew I wanted to gravitate towards that.”

There have been some sacrifices made along the way, however, he said.

Saifuddin gave up an opportunity to have a resource period during his first three years of high school. The free periods are meant to give students an opportunity to do their homework during school, but instead he opted to take classes during those resource hours.

Not having that extra time to do homework in school provided more motivation to complete the work, he said.

Saifuddin plans to study biomedical engineering at either Purdue University or Indiana State University this fall.

To prepare for that, he was accepted as an intern last summer at Faurecia in Columbus, where he worked on the plant’s manufacturing floor learning about a can crusher and needed safety protocols for operating the equipment, he said.

As part of the engineering component, the internship taught him about circuits when he replaced a controller board for the machine, he said.

Working at Faurecia provided a glimpse into a career he could have, Saifuddin said.

In addition to the engineering skills, Saifuddin’s work in the lab helped him earn a Microsoft certification tied to Office programs including Excel.

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