Indiana Talents Networks (ITN)

The EcO Network hosted the Indiana Talent Networks (ITN) quarterly meeting in March. ITN is a network of networks,” with each network focused on talent in Indiana and striving to address the question, “How might we focus our collective efforts to attract and retain, develop, and connect and engage diverse talent in Indiana?”  ITN brings together geographically self-defined networks comprised of public, private, and social sector leaders from education, business, social service, government, economic development, and workforce organizations as well as state-level government agencies and the philanthropic community.

At the March meeting, ITN formed three Communities of Practice focused on the following :

  • Talent attraction and retention: develop and expand education and career pathways and strategies to attract and keep new talent to Indiana
  • Talent development: develop current talent by connecting the learning system to economic opportunity, building today’s and tomorrow’s workforce
  • Talent connection and engagement: by emphasizing equity regarding students of color and low-income; engaging ALL talent in a community and region, while incorporating community and regional quality of life strategies

The EcO Network participates in ITN representing Southeast Indiana, and the Community Education Coalition supports and serves as the backbone organization of ITN.