Sharing Innovative Strategies and Approaches

The EcO Network was highlighted at the Talent Hub Learning Lab in Nashville, TN on September 18, 2018; where Talent Hub communities from across the nation came together to strategize and share best practices in support of adult learners. Attendees participated in sessions to help peer communities remove barriers and share “what works” to accelerate educational attainment.

“Behind every great human story, is a data story,” said Kathy Huffman, as she kicked off a ‘Ted-like Talk,’ which highlighted the collaborative work of partners within the EcO Attainment Network to develop a shared data system in order to track completion of short-term industry credentials. The goals, processes, and outcomes of the EcO Attainment Network’s year-long data journey were shared with teams from Albuquerque, NM, Cincinnati, OH, Elkhart County, IN, Nashville, TN and Tulsa, OK. These teams, along with Southeast Indiana, are all members of the Community of Practice of Talent Hubs – focused on adults with no postsecondary credentials. The Learning Lab was supported by Lumina Foundation and the Kresge Foundation and was facilitated by Jobs for the Future.

The team from Southeast Indiana included partners from adult and postsecondary education.

From left to right:

Nickie Nolting of McDowell Ed. Center,

Kathy Huffman of the EcO Network,

Dustin Stewart of Ivy Tech Madison,

and Heather Baker of Ivy Tech Columbus.