Transition to Postsecondary Program in Collaboration with Department of Corrections

Madison Correctional Facility (“MCU”), the Clearinghouse (River Valley Resources -RVR), and Ivy Tech Madison partnered to develop a pathway to postsecondary study for all eligible women incarcerated at MCU. It is significant to note that every female incarcerated in the state of Indiana, except for a narrow class of offenders, such as sex offenders, is ultimately housed in Madison, Indiana, at MCU. The impact of this initiative, therefore, is at both the local and state level by serving nearly every female incarcerated within the state. MCU houses, on average, approximately 600 offenders. Two distinct populations of MCU women are being served through this partnership: (1) participants in the Transitions program and (2) HSE graduates of the Adult Basic Education (ABE) program who will participate with the Transitions students in the program to also earn college credit as detailed below.
Every inmate, within 60 days of her release, is required to complete the Transitions program, which consists of a 30-hour core curriculum delivered over a five-day session.
Through this partnership, Transitions students are meeting the current course objectives, completing postsecondary transitions preparation to ensure college readiness, and earning one credit hour of college credit through completion of IVYT 111: New Student Seminar. Prior to this partnership, none of these women received postsecondary transitions preparation nor earned college credit for the curriculum completed. This partnership elevates the Transitions curriculum, showing the students their academic potential and building the confidence necessary to empower them to continue the education that will serve as the foundation of successful community re-entry.
SOURCE of Photo: Madison Courier

River Valley Resources and Ivy Tech Community College served 89 women and all successfully completed the course and earned the college credit.

Success stories:
Of the Transitions/IVYT students who were released from Madison Correctional Unit-
  • 24.24% visited an Indiana Work One office in their county of residence.
  • 16.67% visited an Indiana WorkOne office in their county of residence and were enrolled in the Department of Workforce Development’s (DWD) Hoosier Initiative for Re-Entry (HIRE) program, specifically to serve ex-¬†offenders.
Of the Transitions/IVYT students who remain incarcerated within the Madison Correctional Unit-
  • 11 successfully earned “college ready” scores on Ivy Tech Community College’s Accuplacer entrance assessment.
  • 10 were enrolled in River Valley Resources’ Adult Education program and earned qualifying scores for the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council’s Certified Production Technician (MSSC-CPT) program to be offered within the Madison Correctional Unit facility. This MSSC-CPT program is the first-ever women’s prison pre-release CPT assessment training and credentialing program in the nation. The program is a continuance of the successful collaboration of River Valley Resources Inc., Ivy Tech Community College and the Indiana Department of Corrections.
Of the Transitions / IVYT students who remain incarcerated but are participating in the formal work release program offered by Madison Correctional Unit this quarter:
  • 1 completed a Work Indiana Customer Service certification.