Virtual reality lab gives students in Columbus a new way to learn

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COLUMBUS, Ind. – “I can actually make a blood vessel just by pulling the triggers,” said high school junior Ivan Lamb as he began pressing buttons on his virtual reality controller. Soon after that, he was reaching out into thin air attempting to grab a piece of DNA. “Even though you learn it on paper, going through the entire process of the different parts of the cell really help them understand the true parts of the cell.”

Wearing 3D goggles, Lamb is exploring the inside of the human body through the virtual reality program “The Body.” Lamb was the one who built this virtual reality lab inside a small classroom at Columbus Signature Academy New Tech High School. He believes this technology will help other students learn better in the classroom.

“This is going to be used for those kids that maybe aren’t learning as well in the normal environment or they want to be challenged,” Lamb said.

Once they put on the 3D goggles, students are taken into a new virtual world, where they can explore cells, create art or even get some exercise with interactive games.

“We’re talking about a generation of kids who grew up with iPads in their hands, and then we expect them to come to high school and we throw books in their hands and say ‘here you go, learn,'” said math teacher Zach Schroeder. “That’s almost like stepping backwards.”

Schroeder is the teacher in charge of the lab. Last spring during a field trip to the Cummins Tech Center, he saw the potential for virtual reality in the classroom.

Fox 59 News

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