The Networks


About The Networks

Initially, the partnership has formed three regional networks: an Advanced Manufacturing Network, a Health Care Network, and an Attainment Network. The networks are supported by a regional guiding team, consisting of a diverse group of stakeholders from the public, private, and social sectors whose membership consists of representatives from the region’s three networks and the partnership organizations.

Advanced Manufacturing Network

The purpose of this network is to bring together educators, advanced manufacturing leaders, workforce, and community-based organizations that can work together to coordinate educational program offerings for students that connect with well-paying occupations. The network builds relationships to ensure student-centered, “seamless educational pathways” are being implemented to attract, recruit, educate, and place students into well-paying advanced manufacturing careers.

Health Care Network

The purpose of this network is to better align education and career opportunities as part of a “next level up” strategy for the healthcare industry and associated education offerings in the region.

Attainment Network

The purpose of this network is to significantly increase the region’s high school graduation rate, post-secondary attainment rate, and the percentage of adults possessing a high school diploma. The network is composed of teams working within adult education, post-secondary retention/ completion, and high school success and transition to post secondary education. The focus of the network includes co-created strategies for academic and career awareness, recruitment, outreach, engagement, persistence, and attainment.